Corrigenda for Book

Corrigenda for Perl::PDQ Book

2nd Edition, August 2011

Last updated Apr 1, 2019

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 viii   Author   Index: spam analysis farm  
 ix   Author   Acknowledgements, para 2, last line: "If it there is..." elide it  
 14   Alain Caron   § 1.5 Stretch Factor, line 3: "Each one them" s.b. "Each one of them" 
 16   Author   Index: spam analysis farm  
 17   Author   Index: spam analysis farm  
 17   Michael Samuels   Listing 1.1: Last printf statement s.b. $q/($u*$cpuPerServer) with parens.  
 21   Author   1987, 1988: Sect. ?? s.b. Sect. 3.8.4  
 30   Stefan Parvu   § 2.6: Drop reference to MRTG. 
 Alain Caron   § 2.6: Third para "Commerical" s.b. Commercial 
 Mohit Chawla   § 2.6: First para, first word s.b. cap-ed 
 42   Mohit Chawla   2 paras before Example 3.3 starting "On this inflated scale..." The numbers quoted refer to the version of Table 3.1 in the first edition.
 47   Alain Caron   First paragraph, line 2: "UNIXoperating system" s.b. UNIX operating system (insert space) 
 54   Alain Caron   line 2-3: "the following Perl script will give the correct timestamp for each server:" s.b. "the Perl script in listing 3.8 will give the correct timestamp for each server." 
 Alain Caron   line 4: "The output is:" s.b. "The output is presented in listing 3.9." 
 69   Scott Johnson   § 3.7.2 box s.b.: 99.X% = 1 − 10−(2+X) and 99.9…9% = 1 − 10−(total 9s)  (cf. Wikipedia
 77   Alain Caron   Line 7: "there are 32 x 106 s in a year" s.b. there are 32 x 106 s in a year 
 87   Alain Caron   Para 3, 1st line: "Predicting how the the buffer" Elide 2nd `the' 
 98   Alain Caron   § 4.5, para 2, line 1: "Little's law: states that" Elide `:'  
 103   Alain Caron   § 4.5.2: Fig. 4.11 and Table 4.3 are not consistent. See my blog for details.
 106   Alain Caron   § 4.6.1, para 2 line 1: "It is possible that some many customers" s.b. so many 
 107   Alain Caron   § 4.6.1, line 1: "In cases where the the service" Elide 2nd `the' 
 122   Alain Caron  Line 3 after boxed text: "One assumption is that the a waiting" s.b. One assumption is that the waiting 
 124   Alain Caron  Eqn. (4.74): Numerator s.b. ∑n=0m−1 (mρ)n/n!
 136   Author   § 4.8.7: How to approximate large-N closed model by equivalent open model.
         Add N/Z  ∼ λ as N → ∞ and index it. Not included in 2nd edition. 
 160   Pedro Cañadilla  Exercise 4.7: "UNIXdatabase" s.b. UNIX database, and "UNIXkernel" s.b. UNIX kernel. 
 163   Alain Caron  Caption for Fig. 5.1. "Customers arrive come from outside" s.b. Customers arrive from outside 
 191   Alain Caron  Boxed text: "This one of the virtues" s.b. This is one of the virtues 
 204   Author   Priority Scheduler. Emphasize CLOSED circuit in text and Figure 5.28. 
 Shadow-server paradox is missing. Could go in Chapter 8.
 212   Scott Johnson  Before § 5.11, Transient Analysis, 1st line: "in Sect. ??" s.b. Sect. 3.8.3 
 227   Author   Eqn.(6.9) s.b. load(T) = 2 (1 − e−σ t / τ) since n(t0) = 2
 238   Pedro Cañadilla   Exercise 6.2: "Linuxload" s.b. Linux load.
 238   Stefan Parvu  Exercise 6.4: "...Perl script burncpu.c" s.b. ...C program burncpu.c 
 247   Alain Caron  Section 7.5.1, line 7: "In principal" s.b. principle 
 252   Alain Caron  Section 7.7.3, 2nd para, line 1: "and use the some of the seismic application" s.b. and use some of the seismic application 
 254   Alain Caron  End of 3rd para: "A fragment of a trace file looks like this:" s.b. a trace file is shown in Fig. 7.10 
 280   Alain Caron  There are 4 lines missing at the beginning of listing 8.12. See Section 1 below. 
 285   Alain Caron  Last paragraph: "joint probability distribution as: which is" s.b. joint probability distribution in listing 8.20 which is 
 293   Alain Caron  First line: "The is the meaning" s.b. This is the meaning 
 300   Alain Caron  Text below Fig. 9.7: "The following PDQ model uses a load-dependent server (see Chaps. 5 and 8) to complete the effects of multiple buses:" s.b. The PDQ model in listing 9.1 uses a load-dependent server (see Chaps. 5 and 8) to compute the effects of multiple buses: 
 306   Alain Caron  Line 3 "a entire program" s.b. an entire program 
   Equation 9.13 s.b. GHz 
 311   Alain Caron  2nd para, line 1: "cannot not tell us" Elide `note' 
 312   Alain Caron  Line 1: "the the BEP" Elide 2nd `the' 
 314   Alain Caron  Example 9.1, line 3: "because there not" s.b. because there is not 
 316   Alain Caron  § 9.5, line before last: "can be determine" s.b. can be determined 
     Alain Caron  Exercise 9.1: Symbol P for processing power s.b. same as eqn.(9.1) 
 321   Alain Caron  § 10.1.3, para 2, line 3: "EIther way" s.b. Either 
 324   Alain Caron  First line under listing: "(line 7 in listing 10.1)" s.b. (line 6 ...) 
 327   Alain Caron  Third line following numbered paras: "is serialized is 3.25%" Elide 2nd 'is' 
 328   Alain Caron  Table 10.3, row 5: "Optimal loading Nopt 31" s.b. 30 
 332   Alain Caron  § 11.2, line 2: "client/side" s.b. client side 
 333   Alain Caron  § 11.2.1 last line: "Figure 11.2(a) exemplifies this is the basic two-tier architecture." Elide `is the' 
 339   Alain Caron  Last line of page: "in order _ return the necessary volume of data" Insert `to' 
 341   Alain Caron  § 11.4.1, line 2: "it is one _ the largest models" Insert `of' 
 379   Mohan Radhakrishnan  Line 5 from bottom: "...PDQ code fragment is:" refers to code listing 12.6 but needs explicit callout.l
 387   Rudy Gevaert  para 2, line 2: " need to be understood..." s.b. understand
 394   Rudy Gevaert  Figure 13.4(b): "ensabled" s.b. enabled
 401   Pedro Cañadilla  Excessive blank preceding pseudocode starting on p. 402. Production error. 
 406   Rudy Gevaert  Figure 13.13 caption: "ESX 4.0 (upper curve)" s.b. lower curve and and vice versa for "native OS"
 446   Author   Appendix D: pdq::SetComment() function is missing.
 470   Author   Index: "Priority scheduler" s.b. a subentry under "Priority".
 Index: Add see also Shadow server to "Priority scheduler".
 472   Author   Index: "shadow server" s.b. "Shadow server" and thus merged with previous entry. 

1  Correction to Listing 8.12

$pdq::Init("Component BASELINE"); 
$pdq::nodes = pdq::CreateNode("cpu", $pdq::CEN, $pdq::FCFS); 
$pdq::nodes = pdq::CreateNode("dsk", $pdq::CEN, $pdq::FCFS); 
$pdq::streams = pdq::CreateClosed("batch", $pdq::BATCH, $maxBatJobs, $batThink); 

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