Analyzing Computer System Performance with Perl::PDQ

Analyzing Computer System Performance with Perl::PDQ

Second Edition

1  Details

Author: N. J. Gunther
Edition: Second
Publisher: Springer
Location: Heidelberg, Germany
Editor: Ralf Gerstner
Hardcover: 475 pages
Year: 2011
ISBN-10: 3642225829
ISBN-13: 9783642225826
Software: Download the latest PDQ distribution
Features and Benefits of 2nd Edition:
  1. New chapters on queues, tools and virtualization
  2. Improved formatting of Perl code listings
  3. Four Parts up from Three in 1st edn
  4. Fully compatible with PDQ software
  5. PDQ Manual online and in a separate Appendix
  6. Crowd-sourced corrections to 1st edition included

2  News

Dateline Sun, Apr 29, 2012

3  Table of Contents

Part I Preliminary Concepts
  1. Why Queues Rule Performance Analysis
  2. Measurement Tools and Techniques
  3. Time: The Zeroth Performance Metric
Part II Basic Queueing Theory for PDQ
  1. Getting the Jump on Queueing
  2. Queueing Systems for Computer Systems
  3. Linux Load Average
  4. Performance Bounds and Log Jams
Part III Practical Application of PDQ
  1. Pretty Damn Quick: A Slow Introduction
  2. Multicomputer Analysis with PDQ
  3. How to Scale an Elephant with PDQ
  4. Client/Server Analysis with PDQ
  5. Web Application Analysis with PDQ
  6. Virtual Machine Analysis with PDQ
Part IV Appendices
  1. Thanks for No Memories
  2. Compendium of Queueing Equations
  3. Units and Abbreviations
  4. Perl PDQ Manual
  5. Solutions to Selected Exercises

4  Corrections

Errors and omissions for this 2nd edition are being collected in the online corrigenda.
To submit an erratum, please use this online Consulting Services form.
Include as much detail as possible to aid in locating and correcting the error:

Collecting corrections for the 1st edition is now closed.
The names of all those spotters are listed alphabetically in the Preface of the 2nd edition .
Thanks to all.

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