1  Books in Print

       Analyzing Computer System Performance with Perl::PDQ        
       2nd Edition
       Heidelberg, Germany        
       August 2011        
       ISBN: 3642225829
       Guerrilla Capacity Planning
       A Tactical Approach to Planning for Highly Scalable Applications and Services
       Professional Computing Series        
       Heidelberg, Germany        
       March 2007        
       ISBN: 3540261389
       The Practical Performance Analyst
       Performance-By-Design Techniques for Distributed Systems
       iUniverse Press        
       Lincoln, Nebraska        
       October 2000        
       ISBN: 059512674X (Reprint edition)
       Programming Multicore and Many-core Computing Systems
       Contributed chapter
       Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed Computing        
       John Wiley & Sons, Inc.        
       Hoboken, New Jersey        
       February 2017        
       ISBN: 0470936908
       Performance Engineering: State of the Art and Current Trends
       Contributed chapter
       Lecture Notes in Computer Science        
       Heidelberg, Germany        
       October 2001        
       ISBN: 3540421459

2  Books in Prep

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