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Why Go Guerrilla?

Shorter horizons. Planning horizons are now typically around three months, thanks to the reporting period required by the gnomes on Wall Street. Only Guerrilla Capacity Planning (GCaP) is crazy enough to be compatible with that kind of insanity.

Tactical planning. It's already a jungle out there when it comes to developing or installing large-scale distributed applications. That, combined with shorter development times and launch horizons, requires the oxymoronic concept of tactical planning, which GCaP delivers.

Capital efficiency. Capacity planning is not just about the future anymore. GCaP addresses the serious need to squeeze more out of your current capital equipment.

Better tools. To solve performance problems in datacenters involving 1000s of servers spanning multiple tiers, we need tools that go beyond simple reporting and enable better data discovery.

Want to Know More?

Consulting   Contact us to help incorporate Guerrilla techniques into your projects.
Experience   More than 20 years IT consulting experience.
Neutrality   Product agnostic about commercial platforms and tools.
You come to us   Sign up for a training class in sunny California.
We come to you   Have us deliver a custom class to your team on-site.
Scalability tools   How to quantify web site scalability.
Bottlenecks   How to predict performance bottlenecks in your applications.

Performance Dynamics, a California registered company, was founded in 1994 to provide consulting and educational services for the management of large-scale computer systems with an emphasis on performance analysis and enterprise-wide capacity planning. Performance Dynamics Consulting develops tools for performance analysis and capacity planning, designs marketing strategies based on our extensive knowledge of performance industry niches, and evaluates commercial performance management products. Performance Dynamics Educational Services offers both onsite training at your location worldwide, as well as quarterly classes in California, for professionals at all levels in the IT industry.