Supplementary Class Materials

Supplementary Class Materials

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1  Guerrilla Manual
2  Updated Slides
3  Class Exercises
4  Scalability Tools
5  PDQ Analyzer
6  Performance Management Standards
7  Modeling Internet/Web Traffic
8  Statistical Methods for Capacity Planning
9  Virtualization
10  Professional Organizations
11  Benchmarks
12  Performance Jobs

1  Guerrilla Manual

Read the lastest online version of the original Guerrilla Manual.

2  Updated Slides

Will appear here, if appropriate. Notes.

3  Class Exercises

4  Scalability Tools

See How to Quantify Scalability with the Universal Scalability Law (USL) for a more complete summary.

5  PDQ Analyzer

6  Performance Management Standards

7  Modeling Internet/Web Traffic

The limitations of Poissonian assumptions for modeling Internet traffic are discussed in:

8  Statistical Methods for Capacity Planning

9  Virtualization

10  Professional Organizations

11  Benchmarks

12  Performance Jobs

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