Guerrilla Capacity and Performance\{\Large From Counters to Containers and Clouds}

Guerrilla Capacity and Performance
From Counters to Containers and Clouds

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Instructor: Dr. Neil J. Gunther
Performance Dynamics Educational Services

Put everything you know about performance in a lockbox and throw away the key. This class will change your world.


1  Purpose
2  Certification
3  Dates and Registration
    3.1  Motivations and Terminology
        3.1.1  What is Guerrilla capacity planning?
        3.1.2  The Guerrilla lexicon
        3.1.3  Queueing basics for those who can't wait
    3.2  Capacity Planning Techniques
        3.2.1  Data collection for queueing systems
        3.2.2  Application of queueing systems
    3.3  How to Analyze Scalability
        3.3.1  Universal scalability law (USL)
        3.3.2  Hardware scalability
        3.3.3  Software scalability
        3.3.4  Virtual load testing
    3.4  Virtualization architectures
        3.4.1  Hyperthreading
        3.4.2  Hypervisors
        3.4.3  Hyperconvergence
    3.5  Distributed Systems
        3.5.1  Website capacity
        3.5.2  Cloud computing
        3.5.3  Internet performance
4  Who Should Attend?
5  Registration and Materials
    5.1  Registration
    5.2  Textbook
    5.3  Location

1  Purpose

In this course, we rebuild the subject matter from the ground up by presenting guerrilla-style tactics for doing performance analysis, system sizing, and capacity planning in today's challenging business environment where time-to-market is everything, and management is impatient for results. In such an environment, performance analysis and planning are often dropped in favor of just getting the project completed on schedule. Building a detailed simulation model for the project might be a cool thing to do, but it could also be career-limiting in an environment where management just wants a sense of direction and not the compass-bearing!
Conventional performance analysis and capacity planning techniques are often too cumbersome and time consuming to address such immediate needs. Guerrilla Capacity Planning (GCAP) presents a more tactical approach to meet today's demanding capacity challenges.
A brief overview of Guerrilla Capacity Planning (GCAP) concepts and techniques was published in IEEE IT Professional magazine (PDF 1.3 MB).

2  Certification

This class (GCAP) corresponds to Guerrilla Capacity Planner: Level II certification, where the levels are defined as:
  1. Entry level for newbies, e.g., Guerrilla Boot Camp (GBOOT), which is usually offerred on a demand basis only. Please contact Performance Dynamics if you would like to take this Level I class.
  2. Exposure to a wide variety of computer systems capacity planning concepts, methods, and tools that can be adapted opportunistically to support the needs of enterprise-level platform-independent performance management.
  3. Detailed study of a particular capacity planning technique or performance analysis tool, e.g., Guerrilla Data Analysis Techniques (GDAT).
A printed certificate reflecting the level of achievement is awarded to each attendee at the completion of the respective course.

3  Dates and Registration

Check out the schedule page for dates and online registration. Additional registration details are provided at the end of this page.

3.1  Motivations and Terminology

3.1.1  What is Guerrilla capacity planning?

3.1.2  The Guerrilla lexicon

3.1.3  Queueing basics for those who can't wait

3.2  Capacity Planning Techniques

3.2.1  Data collection for queueing systems

3.2.2  Application of queueing systems

3.3  How to Analyze Scalability

3.3.1  Universal scalability law (USL)

3.3.2  Hardware scalability

3.3.3  Software scalability

3.3.4  Virtual load testing

3.4  Virtualization architectures

3.4.1  Hyperthreading

3.4.2  Hypervisors

3.4.3  Hyperconvergence

3.5  Distributed Systems

3.5.1  Website capacity

3.5.2  Cloud computing

3.5.3  Internet performance

4  Who Should Attend?

Computer system administrators, mainframe system operators, network system administrators, performance engineers, test engineers, IT consultants, data center managers, Devops, IT technical managers and software development engineers. This course does not assume any prior experience with performance analysis methods, but a working knowledge of computer systems and high school algebra is helpful.

5  Registration and Materials

5.1  Registration

All registration is now done online. Please consult the Guerrilla Training Schedule for current pricing and conditions.

5.2  Textbook

A copy of Dr. Gunther's performance analysis textbook: Guerrilla Capacity Planning (Springer-Verlag 2007) is included in the price of admission.
Sorry, no refunds or exchanges can be given if you already have a copy of the book.

5.3  Location

See the Guerrilla Training Schedule for details about online classes or the hotel location and room reservations for physical classes in California.

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