Guerrilla Capacity Planning Boot Camp

Guerrilla Capacity Planning Boot Camp

Instructor: Dr. Neil J. Gunther
Performance Dynamics Educational Services


1  Purpose
2  Certification
3  Prerequisites
4  Dates and Registration
5  Course Content
    5.1  Day 1: Leaving Civvy Street
    5.2  Day 2: How to Go Guerrilla
6  Terms and Conditions
    6.1  Tuition Fees
    6.2  Reservations
7  Location

1  Purpose

Have you or your manager been asking questions like: If so, then this is the Guerrilla course for you.
As the name implies, capacity planning for computer systems is about predicting the future. Financial planners do that all the time so, not surprisingly, many of the tools and techniques are similar. The difference lies in the data to be analyzed and the metrics used to express computer system performance rather than financial performance. And just like today's fast-paced business climate, IT decisions are made and revised so rapidly that merely providing your management with a sense of planning direction is often more important than calculating the compass bearing. Elsewhere, I have called this kind of capacity planning tactical planning. This boot camp course will get you in shape in 2 days.

2  Certification

This is a Level-I course which assumes no background in performance analysis or capacity planning. It also signifies that, upon completion of this 2-day training class, the graduate will have been introduced to a wide variety of capacity planning tools and techniques appropriate for the rapid pace of today's business environments. They will then be in a position to attend Level-II and Level-III Guerrilla courses.
Certification levels are defined as:
  1. Entry level. No training class for this grade exists yet.
  2. Exposure to a wide variety of computer systems capacity planning concepts, methods, and tools that can be adapted opportunistically to support the needs of enterprise-level platform-independent performance management.
  3. Detailed study of a particular capacity planning technique or performance analysis tool. An example class is Guerrilla Data Analysis.
    Another Level III class, based on using PDQ, is being planned.
A printed certificate reflecting the level of achievement is awarded to each attendee who completes the course.

3  Prerequisites

None. Noobs welcome!

4  Dates and Registration

Check out the schedule page for dates and online registration. Additional details are provided at the end of this page.

5  Course Content

A buffet-style breakfast service is provided each day before the class commences.
Class begins at 9am and ends at 5pm during each day.
A serviced morning break of half an hour at 10:30am.
Seated Lunch service is provided from Noon until 1pm.
A serviced afternoon break of half an hour at 3:00pm.
Times may vary slightly each day depending on class interactions and so forth.

5.1  Day 1: Leaving Civvy Street

5.2  Day 2: How to Go Guerrilla

6  Terms and Conditions

6.1  Tuition Fees

Please consult the Class Schedule page for current pricing and conditions.


Information will be sent upon receipt of enrollment. A packet will include airport and transportation options.

6.2  Reservations

All confirmed reservations must be must be accompanied by a purchase order number, a check for the tuition, or credit card information for billing. Courtesy Reservations will be held for up to 30 days in order for paperwork to be processed so long as there is suffcient time and adequate space in thecourse.


Each attendee will receive a copy of The Practical Performance Analyst (iUniverse Press, 2000).

7  Location

Please consult the Class Schedule for hotel location details. The city of Pleasanton is right next door to Castro Valley.

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