Guerrilla Data Analysis Techniques (GDAT)

Guerrilla Data Analysis Techniques (GDAT)

R statistical plots
Emphasizing the use of R statistical tools and PDQ-R

Instructor: Dr. Neil J. Gunther
Performance Dynamics Educational Services


1  Purpose
2  Certification
3  Course Goals
4  Dates and Registration
5  Who Should Attend?
6  Course Outline
    6.1  GDAT Day 1
    6.2  GDAT Day 2
    6.3  GDAT Day 3
    6.4  GDAT Day 4
    6.5  GDAT Day 5
7  Registration and Materials
    7.1  Registration
    7.2  Textbook
    7.3  Location
    7.4  Meals

1  Purpose

You already understand the essential concepts of computer system capacity planning (e.g., Level II certification) and you've collected cubic light years of performance data. But now you realize that's not sufficient. Why? Because raw performance data is not the same thing as performance information. To extract the pertinent information, you need to transform your data. And that's precisely what this class teaches you.
Moreover, the data analysis techniques we present are general purpose, and therefore not tied to any particular computing platform or data collection tools.
Although there are no prerequisites, it is strongly recommended that you take the Level II GCaP class before embarking on the this Level III GDAT class.

2  Certification

This class corresponds to Guerrilla Capacity Planner: Level III certification. The levels are defined as:
  1. Entry level, e.g., Guerrilla Boot Camp.
  2. Exposure to a wide variety of computer systems capacity planning concepts, methods, and tools that can be adapted opportunistically to support the needs of enterprise-level platform-independent performance management, e.g., Guerrilla Capacity Planning.
  3. Detailed study of a particular capacity planning technique or performance analysis tool.
A printed certificate reflecting the level of achievement is awarded to each attendee who completes the course.

3  Course Goals

After completing this course, students will know how to:

4  Dates and Registration

Check out the schedule for dates and online registration.

5  Who Should Attend?

Computer system administrators, mainframe system operators, network system administrators, performance engineers, test engineers, IT consultants, data center managers, Devops, IT technical managers and software development engineers. This course does not assume any prior experience with performance analysis methods, but a working knowledge of computer systems and high school algebra is helpful.

6  Course Outline

Class begins at 9am and ends at 5pm each day.
A morning break of half an hour is serviced around 10:30am
Seated lunch service is provided from Noon until 1pm.
A serviced afternoon break of half an hour occurs around 3:00pm
A large number of practical exercises (with solutions in R) will be given and discussed throughout the five days. You are encouraged to bring a laptop computer.

6.1  GDAT Day 1

6.2  GDAT Day 2

6.3  GDAT Day 3

6.4  GDAT Day 4

6.5  GDAT Day 5

7  Registration and Materials

7.1  Registration

All registration is now done online. Please consult the Guerrilla Training Schedule for current pricing and conditions.

7.2  Textbook

A copy of Dr. Gunther's performance analysis textbook: Guerrilla Capacity Planning (Springer-Verlag 2007) is included in the price of admission.
Sorry, no refunds or exchanges can be given if you already have a copy of the book.

7.3  Location

See the Guerrilla Training Schedule for details about the hotel location and room reservations. The city of Pleasanton is right next door to Castro Valley.

7.4  Meals

Lunch is provided each day.

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