Guerrilla Classes Registration Form

To register for one of the Guerrilla training classes, please click on the dots in this protected email address and you will be asked to solve a (simple for humans, hard for bots) 2-word CAPTCHA problem. Clicking on the revealed email link should bring up a composition window in your email application or simply copy the email link into any other email client.
Include the following items:
  1. Name of class (GBoot, GCaP, GDAT):

  2. Your Full Name:

  3. Your email address:

  4. Affiliation:

  5. USPS Mailing Address1:

  6. USPS Mailing Address2:

  7. Mail Stop:

  8. City:

  9. State or Province:

  10. Mail Stop:

  11. Zip or Postal Code:

  12. Country:

  13. Work phone:

  14. FAX number:

  15. Mobile phone:

  16. Corporate Discount? (3 or more from the same company):

  17. Other discounts:

  18. Other pertinent information:

Thank you. Now, please proceed to the payment page.
We look forward to seeing you in class!

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